The Wellspring Community Peckham (New Monastic)

The Wellspring Community Peckham meets at the Copleston Church for Meditation, Prayer and Community.

- We are a diverse, inclusive local spiritual community of people inspired to follow the example and way of Jesus in what is called a New Monastic Communitydrawing on contemplative prayer practices and local loving action.  

- We seek to show that those who may not relate to traditional ideas of church or Christianity can find a home with us.

- We recognise the inspiration of many throughout the centuries: saints, mystics, monastics and artists, seeking to offer hospitality and conversation to all.

- We seek to live in a way that is both relevant to modern culture and to God, by finding God in the midst of everyday life. We welcome all to share their lives and learning with us as we continue to journey on....

- The Wellspring Community meets at two locations at the Copleston Church and at St Lukes Camberwell in Peckham in the Diocese of Southwark in the Church of England.  

We meet for meditation and prayer at:

  • 6.30pm Monday
  • 7.30am, Tuesday
  • 7.30am, Wednesday
  • 7.30am and 6.30pm Thursday
  • 7.30am and 6pm Friday
  • 5.30pm to 6.30pm Silent Meditation on the 3rd Sunday of the month
  • 6.30pm to 7pm Compline on the 3rd Sunday of the month

On the other Sunday evenings, we meet at 7pm with the sister Wellspring Community at St Lukes Peckham for a hour long time of contemplation, meditation, prayer. We often join the wider community for a drink and pizza, at the Peckham Pelican.

Loving Service to those less fortunate than ourselves

The Community is currently assisting with the Pecan Centre and with Peckham Citizens, and is looking at ways in which it can help further the people in the local community via these projects. 

Want to join us? Contact Matthew at here.

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