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Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers

Currently during lockdown SDCAS continues to operate from our Peckham Park Road centre weekly until we are able to return to normality at Copleston Centre and St Mary's drop in centres as well.    

It is clear that many refugees and asylum seekers are in great hardship in the present circumstances. We continue to identify and serve clients with the greatest need.  We are working with partners and other leading organisations in our area to set up a shared emergency service for those most in need – particularly the provision of food, toiletries and other critical basic items.  In addition, a limited telephone service and where possible, our emergency packs are being delivered direct to our clients by remote means. 

Can you help support SDCAS?

We are crowdfunding!  Please take a look at the short video we've created, get to know our amazing staff and volunteers, and see how all your kind donations are going to good use.  Please consider supporting the Crowd Funder, and even if you can't donate at this time please do 'like' and 'share' and pass it on to your friends and family.  If you are able to support us through the Crowd Funder there will be more than a little "thank you" in it for you.  We've sourced some fantastic rewards for donations from Fair Trade, Refugee owned and Refugee staffed businesses, as well as from our Emmy winning Patron, Riz Ahmed.  We rely so much on our Friends and we appreciate your support so much - let's grow our Crowd!

 A big thanks for supporting our work.  

To contact the email the team: office@sdcas.org.uk

website: www.sdcas.org.uk 

twitter: @Southwark Asylum