The Dominoes Group meets every Monday in the cafe at 1.30pm-3pm. 

Come and join this friendly group, drink some ginger tea, and ‘play bones’.  Although this group is part of our older people's programme, we welcome people of all ages. 

dominoes club was the idea of Roy Hampden, whose love of the game, along with some of the other members, stemmed from playing it ‘back home’ in the Caribbean.    

These Monday get-togethers have become popular. Colin, a regular player said, “Someone invited me and that’s how I started coming. The atmosphere is good, and the company. I enjoy the game”. Roy likes playing because of the mental skill involved. He says, “To be a good player, you need to know how to read the board and see how the others are playing.”

If you haven’t played before, come along - one of the group will always teach you how to play, and they don’t even mind if you have a bit of beginner’s luck and win a game! 

We ask for a contribution of £3 towards the cost of the room and refreshments.

Please contact: or on 020 77323435 for more Information