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Donate to the Copleston Church and Community Centre


Copleston Church and Community Centre provides services and support in the local community. Any donations you make will go towards ensuring this vital work continues. It is very easy these days to donate online. If you do this, it’s easier to for UK taxpayers to register for Gift Aid. Using Gift Aid means your donation is worth 25% more as the Copleston can reclaim tax. Basically, for every £1 you give, the taxman gives us 25p; this makes a huge difference! We are extremely grateful for your support.

Copleston Church

If you appreciate our worship and work in the community, please click on the Church logo below to donate via our give-a-little.co page.

Copleston Centre

We work with people in Peckham of all ages and backgrounds. We provide mental health services, host support groups and provide a safe, welcoming space for young people. We are proud to serve our local community, and while our volunteers give their time, they also need resources to provide these life-changing services. Please click on the Centre logo below to donate via our stewardship.org page.